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Elizabeth King’s writes about the Bach Cello Suites

Notes on the Bach Suites – By Elizabeth King Despite their fame and popularity, the six suites on tonight’s program have a foggy origin. They were written sometime between 1717 and 1723 during Bach’s service to Prince Leopold in Cöthen. At this period of the Baroque, the cello would have been[…]

Chamber Music Big and Small

– by CMSCVA Artistic Director James Wilson It’s summer time, and for a classical musician that usually means festival time, a point in the year where I put aside my usual projects and groups, and play with a more diverse group of colleagues in far-flung places. If you’re lucky like[…]

Notes on our Feb 9 concert, “The French Connection.”

Notes on the “The French Connection.”                      – by Carsten Schmidt The first half of the seventeenth century saw the evolution of a particularly French way of composing music for solo harpsichord.  It was by no means the first time the harpsichord was elevated to solo status, nor was it the[…]

An Interview with Harpsichordist Carsten Schmidt

– by CMSCVA Artistic Director James Wilson Carsten Schmidt will be performing two concerts of solo music for harpsichord, on February 8 and 9, 2014. This is the first time CMSCVA has presented a recital composed exclusively of early keyboard music. We thought we would interview Carsten and hear some[…]