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Notes on our January 5 concert, “Time”

– By James Wilson, CMSCVA Artistic Director I know, I know….The concept of musical programming around the concept of “time” seems obvious. What is music anyway but the ordering of sounds in time? But the more I thought of the concept as a way to organize this season’s Society concerts,[…]

Roger Zare’s thoughts on his quintet inspired by time dilation!

 Our concert on January 5 features a thrilling and unusual quintet by American composer Roger Zare, inspired by the theories of Albert Einstein. It fits perfectly into our theme of “Time,” as you can read in Roger’s own words: “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” is titled after Albert Einstein’s famous 1905[…]

Life is Indeed a Cabaret!

– by CMSCVA Artistic Director James Wilson I draw inspiration for concert programming from a lot of sources – concerts, recordings, books, film, TV and news sources. A famous film, Bob Fosse’s 1972 screen adaptation of the musical “Cabaret”, inspired tonight’s concert in our “Revolutionary and Banned” Festival. There are[…]

It Takes a Lot of Guts to Play Cello

by CMSCVA Artistic Director James Wilson Recently I was reminiscing about the bygone days when Baroque music was usually heard in concert as the stately first piece on an orchestral music program…something nice and familiar that would prepare the ears for the more complicated music of Brahms or Beethoven. Never[…]