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  1. Five unique venues thoughout Richmond

    CMSCVA 2022-23 Season

    Join the Chamber Music Society for our 2022-23 season. Nine concerts will take you on a fantastic tour of classical music from 400 hundred years of time and from places all over the world. Your guides will be twenty five sensational musicians, who will wow you with their virtuosity, charm and musical story-telling. Our season ticket includes five events at a 20 % discount, and will be available through September 25th. The season ticket includes Mozart Quintets on September 25, Bach and his Inspirations on October 30, An Evening at Versailles on December 19, La Vida Notturna on February 3,...

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  2. 101 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia

    Free event: Just Kidding

    Comedy has been an essential part of dealing with the human condition for thousands of years, and for centuries, composers have given us musical humor to tickle our funny bones whether we're alone at home or at a concert. CMSCVA celebrates the lighter side of life in this concert of chamber music by Haydn, Heinrich von Biber, and the fictitious P. D. Q. Bach. Please join us for Just Kidding, a concert presented in partnership with the Richmond Public Library's Gellman Room Concerts, on Saturday September 24th, 2:00 pm, at the Main Public Library in downtown Richmond. Musicians performing on...

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  3. 12291 River Rd., Richmond, Virginia

    Mozart Quintets

    Mozart’s viola quintets are crowning jewels of the chamber music repertoire. In this opening concert of our 18th season, CMSCVA artists perform the twin quintets written within a month in the spring of 1787. One is all humor and light, the other dark and stormy. The two come together to form a spectacular musical portrait of one of history’s most gifted composers. Please join us for Mozart Quintets on Sunday September 25th, 4:00 pm, at historic St. Mary's Episcopal Church. The program includes Mozart's Quintet in C major,  K. 515; and Quintet in G minor, K. 516. Musicians performing on...

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  4. 5 N. Fifth St., Richmond, Virginia

    Bach and his Inspirations

    We regularly enjoy the music of Johann Sebastian Bach in concerts and at home. But what came before Bach?  Harpsichordist Carsten Schmidt performs a recital exploring the composers who inspired the young Bach, including Dieterich Buxtehude and Johann Pachelbel. CMSCVA returns to the acoustic perfection of the chapel at historic Second Presbyterian Church, for this afternoon of glorious Baroque keyboard music. Join us for Bach and his Inspirations on Sunday October 30th, 4:00 pm, at historic Second Presbyterian Church  in downtown Richmond. [raw] [/raw]

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  5. 4819 Monument Ave., Richmond, Virginia

    An Evening at Versailles

    You are invited to an evening of unbridled French Baroque music written by the men and women who were musicians at the French Court at Versailles. Settle back and enjoy the wit and drama that was savored 400 years ago - cantatas that tell legendary stories, trios that satire court life, a re-imagining of the carillon at St Genevieve, and dances of the highest elegance. This concert features the spectacular chamber music of François Couperin, Élisabeth Claude Jacquet de La Guerre, Marin Marais, and Michel Pignolet de Montéclair. Musicians performing on this concert are soprano Julie Bosworth, violinists Natalie Rose...

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  6. 4819 Monument Ave., Richmond, Virginia

    La Vida Notturna

    No composer embodied the blend of strict protocol and evocative sensuality of 18th century Spain better than Luigi Boccherini, court composer to Infante Luis Antonio of Spain.  The music of American composer Brian Nabors draws from combinations of Jazz Funk, R&B, and Gospel with the modern flair of contemporary classical music. These worlds collide in spectacular program of string chamber music that includes the world premiere of a quintet commissioned from Nabors by CMSCVA for our 2022-23 season. The program includes Luigi Boccherini's famous "Fandango" quintet, Spanish string quartets, and the world premiere of a new cello quintet by American...

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  7. 101 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia

    Free Event: The Cramer Quartet plays Haydn

    The adventurous Cramer Quartet performs on period instruments in a full spectrum of musical styles. As a celebration of the extraordinary quartets of Joseph Haydn, The group has been commissioning American composers to write new string quartets in response to Haydn’s iconic works. In this concert, the Cramers will play music from the father of the string quartet, and exciting new works from our own time and place.  

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  8. 101 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia

    Free Event: Dance Card

    Some of the most memorable moments in the classical repertoire are inspired by the power, grace, and fun of dancing. Our musical program was inspired by dances and places around the world that shaped them - waltz-crazed Vienna, the Harlem Renaissance, 19th century Bohemia, and the East African coast. Please join us for Dance Card, a concert presented in partnership with the Richmond Public Library's Gellman Room Concerts, on Saturday April 15th, 2:00 pm, at the Main Public Library in downtown Richmond. The program includes toe-tapping selections by composers Eric Wolfgang Korngold, William Grant Still, Valerie Coleman, Evan Premo, and Florence Price....

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  9. 1000 Blanton Ave., Richmond, Virginia

    Waltz / Samba

    In Romantic-era Vienna, the waltz and music from Hungary were the big fads. In America, Latin music is one of our dance party staples. High art and popular culture join hands and step out in this joyful concert of chamber music by Brahms, Johann Strauss Jr., and American composer Kevin Day. Please join us for Waltz/Samba on Sunday April 16th, 4:00 pm, at the modernist Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond. The program includes Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz," Kevin Day's "Ecstatic Samba," and the famous piano quintet by Johannes Brahms. Musicians performing on this concert are flutist Mary Boodell, violinists...

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  10. 101 E. Franklin St., Richmond, Virginia

    Free Event: Our Pictures, Portfolio Two

    The second installment of a multi-year CMSCVA commissioning project inspired by Modest Mussorgsky’s timeless musical suite ”Pictures at an Exhibition,” this concert presents three world premieres based on works of art and historical objects found in some of Richmond’s many museums and galleries.  The talented line-up of Richmond-born and Richmond-based composers creating this first round of musical pictures will be announced in the fall.  Bring your Richmond pride and join us for this celebration of local talent and creativity! This concert is presented in partnership with the Richmond Public Library's Gellman Room Concerts series.

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