What we Believe

Our Mission

Flexible in personnel and repertoire, the Chamber Music Society of Central Virginia is dedicated to inspiring, entertaining, and moving our communities through a combination of unique venues, world-class musicians, thought-provoking content and eclectic classical music. Engaging with contemporary culture and honoring the classical tradition, we strive to promote interest and diversity in the musical life of Richmond and beyond.

Our Commitment to Equity

CMSCVA proudly stands in support of racial equity and against the forces in our society that discount, ignore or marginalize artists of color and their work. 

We acknowledge that excellence, creativity and artistry are universal and fundamental to the culture and music of the United States, and integral to classical music. We also acknowledge that the classical music culture and industry has been woefully slow in addressing the white privilege historically found in music education, performing ensembles, concert series, arts administrations and funding institutions.

CMSCVA ensures that our programming and projects will continue to highlight the artistry of performers, composers and writers who have been underrepresented by cultural institutions. We will continue to use our community of Richmond, with its rich history and cultural diversity, as a guide to creating our programming and outreach efforts. We pledge that the CMSCVA Board will regularly review our artistic vision and organizational practices to ensure that we reflect these commitments at every level. 

CMSCVA is proud of our standing commitment to working with BIPOC and LatinX artists from Richmond and around the world. But there is boundless work and advocacy still to be done in the area of inclusiveness and justice. We embrace this work with purpose and joy.